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Funk Seed isn't your average seed company. Funk offers growers something brand new - something different - something that will set you and your farm apart. Watch Video
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The Funk Family Rewards

The rewards program is at the center of the Funk commitment, "Helping families be successful". The realization that times are different today and growers need to gain every advantage they can. It is our way to help and to say thank you for all of our years in the seed business. JOIN TODAY

Chose the Right Products For Your Farm

Your Funk Seed Specialist will help you create a portfolio of at least three products to increase your chances of winning against unfavorable environments. The result is a synergistic effect resulting from the sum of those three varieties out-yielding the single variety. LEARN MORE
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Edw. J. Funk and his sons were among the first to bring the new technology, "Hybrid Corn", to market.

Our History

The Funk name is not new to agriculture or the seed industry. In fact the Funk name helped launch hybrid seed corn nearly 80 years ago. In 1935, Edw. J. Funk and his sons were among the first to bring the new technology, "Hybrid Corn", to market. Born out of forward thinking, necessity and passion, the Funks left their indelible mark on the seed history. LEARN MORE

What Our Customers Are Saying

  • My IC5730-5122 Funk Seed Hybrid looks to be 30% better than 35K04. Every ear is filled out to the tip.

    - Jeff Kaieser

    Galva , IL

  • Working with Jesse has been a great experience. I like the products and the yield is there.  

    - Megan Strasburger

    Earl Park, IN

  • That Funk corn is funk'n unbelievable! You couldn't tell any difference between it and the other corn that was planted in the field just by looking, but when I drove into it, the yield monitor went crazy. It was like hitting a wall of corn.

    - Gary Schultz

    Kokomo, IN

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