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Suiter Farms Partnership Testimonial

Product Performance: Suiter Farm Partnership

"Working with Jesse has been a great experience. I like the products and the yield is there." Megan Strasburger Suiter Farms Partnership, Earl Park, IN … Continue Reading »

Kaieser Testimonial

Product Performance: Jeff Kaieser

My IC5730-5122 Funk Seed Hybrid looks to be 30% better than 35K04. Every ear is filled out to the tip. Jeff Kaieser, Galva IL … Continue Reading »


Don’t Plant Your Corn Early!

When Should I Plant Corn? If you are asking yourself, "when should I plant corn?" Every bit of data that comes from the so-called experts in agronomy will tell you that the earlier you plant corn the … Continue Reading »

Top 6 Decisions Essential to Doubling Yield